TLC features San Antonio-born quads Sunday

The documentary “Multitude of Multiples” will air on The Learning Channel (TLC) on Sunday, August 30, at 7 p.m. (and again at 10 p.m.). It’s channel 49 on Time Warner Cable and 250 on AT&T U-Verse. A family from San Antonio who delivered quadruplets at Methodist Hospital will be featured along with families in other cities having five and six babies. 

The Tabb Trio, Logan, Landon and Leila, will be on TLC Sunday night.

The Tabb Trio, Logan, Landon and Leila, will be on TLC Sunday night.

Last spring, the Discovery Channel contacted Methodist Healthcare about a documentary featuring a couple expecting quads and planning to deliver at Methodist Hospital . The day before the babies were to be delivered by C-section, Kevin and Jennifer Tabb found out one of the babies would be stillborn.

 A Discovery crew had already been following them at home and to doctors’ appointments for weeks. While deeply saddened by the loss of Baby Ella, the couple still wanted to share their journey and let others know that multiple births carry many risks for moms and babies. The babies were delivered by Dr. Bryan Cox on Good Friday. Logan, Landon and Leila took up residence in the NICU for several weeks. Dr. Alex Kenton was interviewed in the NICU immediately following the births. 

The parents are very grateful for the care and love they received from the staff in Antepartum, Labor & Delivery OR, and the NICU. One of the grandmothers traveled from Chicago for the delivery and told me she had been full of worry and fear as she made her way to San Antonio. When she entered the hospital and found out our mission is “Serving Humanity to Honor God,” she grew confident that the babies were truly in God’s hands.

— SA Health


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