Amanda Nathan: A transplant story

Amanda Nathan was no stranger to the world of organ transplants when she discovered the kidney matchmakers at Texas Transplant Institite at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital.

The San Antonian traveled far and wide for a kidney and pancreas the first time and then another replacement years later. When it came time to replace her kidney again to get off dialysis, Amanda began looking again, a search that took her to the some of the most noted hospitals in the country.

Even though she had plenty of people willing to donate, there were no matches among the 25 people tested from among her friends, synagogue and church members and even her sales lady at Saks Fifth Avenue. She got on the waiting list for a kidney from a deceased donor, but was told it could take nine years before they got to her on the list and the right match emerged.

Then she found out about the kidney transplant program at Methodist Healthcare and TTI spearheaded by Dr. Adam Bingaman and Dr. Francis Wright. She was told that if she had a donor, although incompatible, willing to give a kidney to a stranger, she could be part of a three-way transfer with two other patients and their donors within a short time.

After receiving three transplanted organs from deceased donors, “I like knowing it was a live donor,” Amanda said. “I never met the person who gave it to me. I know she was a 24-year-old woman and I’m sure that she gave it on behalf of somebody she really loved. And the person who gave on behalf of a me cared a great deal about me.”

After years of tenuous health and full disability, Amanda started working again this fall as a tutor.

— SA Health


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