H1N1 vaccine donated by Methodist to Del Rio hospital

Methodist Healthcare of San Antonio has donated 100 doses of the H1N1 vaccine to Val Verde Regional Medical Center in Del Rio.

“When we received our allotted shipment, it was more than sufficient to cover the vaccination needs of our staff,” said Geoffrey Crabtree, senior vice president for Methodist Healthcare. “We learned that Val Verde Regional Medical Center had not received any, and we were pleased to be able to make this donation and partner with them in protecting their front-line caregivers.”

“Influenza is a serious threat this year,” Crabtree said. “Making the vaccine available to the staff that cares for patients in the most high-risk areas of the hospital keeps these valuable employees on the job and ready to serve their community.”

He added that in keeping with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, protecting health care workers from H1N1 is a priority.

“We are very appreciative of Methodist’s willingness to offer an allotment of vaccine so that our employees will be protected and are able to care for our patients during this winter season,” said Polly Davenport, CEO of Val Verde Regional Medical Center. “It is typical of Methodist to lend a helping hand and only further validates how positively our upcoming relationship will benefit VVRMC and our community.”

— SA Health


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