Methodist Texsan Hospital goes Tobacco Free!

Terri Pointon, RN

 Methodist Healthcare is proud that all of our campuses and facilities are tobacco free. After the purchase of Texsan in January, employees were notified the facility would go tobacco free in July. On July 6, Methodist Texsan Hospital, a campus of Methodist Hospital celebrated its independence from tobacco by offering “cold turkey” sandwiches to employees. One of the hospital’s employees, Terri Pointon knew it was time to quit. She took time to speak with us about her decision:

 Terri Pointon, RN stopped smoking on her dad’s 80th birthday last month. As a registered nurse for 31 years, Terri knew smoking was unhealthy and saw the effect it had on many patients she encountered over the years. While her mother and father quit smoking several years ago, she finally decided it was time to quit after both her husband and 25-year-old daughter quit on June 1. After smoking for 35 years, she decided to go “cold turkey” on June 3, her father’s birthday. She is certain that her parents are living healthier lives now that they no longer smoke and she’s very happy with her decision. “I think about smoking every day. But I feel better when I wake up in the morning. I’m not so tired all the time. My skin is clearing up!” Terri shared. A month later, Terri is happy she is still tobacco free.

 And we are just as happy for her! Thank you, Terri for sharing your story and we hope you inspire others to quit, as well!


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